Water Colour: What is the hottest place on our planet?

Friday, December 13, 2013

What is the hottest place on our planet?

 There are considered the hottest place on Earth. And has a very appropriate name. It is the Death Valley , located in California.

 And to prove it , the World Organization Metorológica , which depends on the UN confirmed that the highest temperature ever recorded on earth happened in that valley on July 10, 1913 , with 56.7 degrees Celsius.

The previous record was held by El Azizia , Libya when the September 13, 1922 the thermometer marked 58 degrees Celsius. Here there was a problem. Actually was never as hot as it was thought .
A group of experts from the UN agency , said it was not correct, problems with measuring instruments that were used at that time , the inexperience of the observer and the location of where the temperature was taken in a Near asphalt-like material that was not representative of the natural soil at the site , reports CNN.
According to a news organization , that made the temperature recorded was about 7 degrees higher than the actual .
So really the hottest place was the Valley of Death , where the stones walk alone.

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