Water Colour: Flashlight app stealing data from cell

Friday, December 13, 2013

Flashlight app stealing data from cell

 The creator of an application that makes the cell can be used as a flashlight deceived users to secretly copy the location of the phone and the code that uniquely identifies between all devices in the market, the Federal Trade Commission of the United (FTC , for its acronym in English ) .

The company, GoldenShores Technologies LLC, automatically passing this information to marketers , even though their privacy policies said they would not, and even when consumers rejected the terms of service of the application, the FTC said .
GoldenShores Technologies made ​​the " Brightest Flashlight Free" ( " more free bright flashlight " ) application for mobile devices that use the popular Android operating system. The company reached an agreement with the FTC to settle charges of misleading the user.
As part of the pact, GoldenShores Technologies will not pay any financial compensation , but agreed to change their privacy policies , including giving notice to consumers before collecting the information.

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