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Friday, December 13, 2013

YotaPhone , the new smartphone with two LCD screens

Russia's Yota recently launched a new model cell with two 4.3 inch LCD screens , the YotaPhone .

  In the back there otrapantalla peculiar YotaPhone identical to the front both are backlit HD resolution LCD , plus the second screen is finished ideal " electronic ink " to read and use applications more convenient way to human sight , the design used in the device so far is unique in the market .

Nothing will be only available for Europe , however it is anticipated an upcoming release Latin America. The device runs on the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS, and is expected to start its price is approximately € 499 euros .
Its technical features include its dual-core processor Qualcomm S4 Snapdrgon Pro 1.7 GHz , 2GB RAM, 32GB internal storage , rear camera of 13 megapixels ( with flash). Apart from its supports LTE , Bluetooth , Wifi, GPS, a battery with a capacity of 1.800mAh .

10 tips to keep the passion for Christmas

 Clinical psychologist , Mar√≠a del Carmen Moyano Rojas, founder of Anagnor Psychologists has developed ten tips for improving shared sexuality and revitalize your love life in the coming year , which comes out a common denominator: to be right with our partner we also have to be good about ourselves ...

1. Exit routine and be more creative .
Although it seems difficult to escape the automation , it is not so . A simple formula is to pay attention to the " have to " or is our obligations or we set ourselves and make our lives is not so, but that makes us behave like automatons . Stop the " have to " by " feel " , referring to what already felt what make us feel good , and our creativity will emerge naturally.
Two . Improve erotic communication.
A basic principle of communication is that it is impossible to " not communicate" , so if we need to improve communication erotic level is that there are other forms of communication that have fallen into silence. Another magic formula : change the " I can not for the love ," or better, " the want by I can ."
Three . Cultivate the 'wow factor ' .
The surprise your partner has to do with taking care of oneself, it is absolutely essential to take care of others, of the relationship. If we are attentive to what we like , we can give so generously to surprise each other .
April . Allow everyone feels free and spontaneous .
To live the relationship with freedom and spontaneity have to be respectful and that respect for not putting adjectives begins to see and experience . I mean not to make value judgments . It's hard to hurt or harm us , if we are not prosecuted or prosecute others.
May . Enhance foreplay and foreplay .
The relationship established in the erotic and the sexual is done from the childish part that exists in each of us . And when we are children the relationship with others is established from the game. So:Let's play a lot with friends !
6. Search times and ideal environments.
Live our sexuality in a healthy way involves maturity. A sign of this maturity is to be able to tell the difference between the private and the public. The wisdom lies in choosing the right person , the best way to live and feelings in the most favorable context. In the public sphere , showing respect for our partner and private , creating the most desirable situations.
7. Encouraging emotional closeness and tenderness .
The "completeness " , ie the quality of being fully human , is achieved when we have a partner who is complicit in our feelings. Tenderness about us and makes us feel safe .
8. Funniest Relations.
Recall that our most fun part to our child,get him out more ! In addition , laughter strengthens our psyche.
9. Finding the right frequency for both .
 There is no ideal regularity , since each of us is unique and unrepeatable . No one has ever been like us and never will be another like me. The frequency is synchronized with the knowledge of others and always will stimulate more if we ourselves are good.
10. Attentive to the sexual self-esteem.
Self-esteem can not be improved , either have or do not have. If our estimates feeds the other, what others make us feel , on this 'other' to leave we will run estimates . And if what we do is " desestimarnos " is suitable to visit a professional .

Flashlight app stealing data from cell

 The creator of an application that makes the cell can be used as a flashlight deceived users to secretly copy the location of the phone and the code that uniquely identifies between all devices in the market, the Federal Trade Commission of the United (FTC , for its acronym in English ) .

The company, GoldenShores Technologies LLC, automatically passing this information to marketers , even though their privacy policies said they would not, and even when consumers rejected the terms of service of the application, the FTC said .
GoldenShores Technologies made ​​the " Brightest Flashlight Free" ( " more free bright flashlight " ) application for mobile devices that use the popular Android operating system. The company reached an agreement with the FTC to settle charges of misleading the user.
As part of the pact, GoldenShores Technologies will not pay any financial compensation , but agreed to change their privacy policies , including giving notice to consumers before collecting the information.

For pain relief

Pain is an unpleasant perception has always accompanied mankind . And despite attempts the world and science have to remove , no pain has been eradicated .
Regardless of the intensity, type or cause , nine out of ten pain can be minimized if treated properly.

Pain is not a simple relationship of fibers, organs and neurotransmitters. It is influenced by many factors of the individual and their environment, to the point that is not transferable .
It is known that with similar injuries , two people do not feel the same pain with the same intensity , that is , the same pain varies on the person if he is alone or accompanied , happy or sad , whether you have debt, whether it's Christmas or early year .
Although it has always been associated pain management with analgesics or medical interventions , there are other things that mitigated without resorting to them. Here are some .
cerebral Cortex
The brain has identified as responsible for pain perception regions. One is in the anterior cingulate cortex. A study by Stanford University sore confirmed that people can reduce unpleasant sensations if they control these areas. In one experiment he told a group of them to think over a period of time in your pain and thereupon pleasing thoughts were induced to distract your attention and activate other areas of the cerebral cortex.
It was found that the pleasant thoughts maintained over time significantly decreased the activity of the cingulate area and even promoted that people with pain change their face and could move more easily. The mind of the patient with pain should be busy , hopefully in pleasant things .
Is the item you Referencing classic Norman Cousins, editor of the New Yorker , who attenuated their severe pain with 20 minutes of genuine laughter .
Laughter decreases by up to 50 percent pain intensity and analgesic requirements , including opiates in patients with severe pain.
The explanation , although is also linked to the natural distraction brain involves the increased production of endorphins ( morphine-like substances ) .
There is a neurophysiological theory called the theory of the gate , one of the functional basis for treating pain .
All stimuli traveling along the nerves reach a kind of door in the central nervous system first come slams the door on the other . As the pain travels tracks which are slow , anything traveling for the quickest routes ( such as pressure , temperature, touch, heat and vibration ) , arriving first block pain.
That is why , for example , who instinctively presses the affected machuca finger, pressure sensation travels faster than the pain . It is also known that massage on a regular basis , improve blood flow , increase the level of endorphins and decreasing muscle spasms.
Faced with intense pain , people of every condition, age or culture , usually loose and screaming words that sometimes border on the obscene .
Researchers at the University of Keele ( UK ) confirmed that the pain and say aloud the word they chose, the pain threshold was increased significantly ( greater resistance to it) when the language was foul .
This, said genuinely increases the variables acting on the body stress. By competing with pain keep voice or shout in time, the brain is distracted and tends to decrease pain sensation . Hence it is involved as a natural instinctive reaction type , sometimes impossible to block.
Exercise several times a week releases endorphins () to help relieve pain.
Regular exercise ( 40 or 50 minutes a day , four or five times a week ) , under aerobic conditions , induces the release of endorphins, opioid neurotransmitters produced in the central nervous system that make it an excellent analgesic.
Other modes of analgesia
• People feel less pain accompanied .
• Breathing techniques that promote deep breaths and paused ( deep breath and count to 10 ) increase the concentration of CO2 in the body , which promotes dilation of the arteries and increased oxygenation in the tissues and irrigation , this low concentration elements which activate pain pathways .

What is the hottest place on our planet?

 There are considered the hottest place on Earth. And has a very appropriate name. It is the Death Valley , located in California.

 And to prove it , the World Organization Metorol√≥gica , which depends on the UN confirmed that the highest temperature ever recorded on earth happened in that valley on July 10, 1913 , with 56.7 degrees Celsius.

The previous record was held by El Azizia , Libya when the September 13, 1922 the thermometer marked 58 degrees Celsius. Here there was a problem. Actually was never as hot as it was thought .
A group of experts from the UN agency , said it was not correct, problems with measuring instruments that were used at that time , the inexperience of the observer and the location of where the temperature was taken in a Near asphalt-like material that was not representative of the natural soil at the site , reports CNN.
According to a news organization , that made the temperature recorded was about 7 degrees higher than the actual .
So really the hottest place was the Valley of Death , where the stones walk alone.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tips for buying a prom dress

Buying a prom dress can seem very simple, just go to the store choose one beautiful design and finish the task. But really not as easy as it seems, since we must consider what kind of dress favors us, what are the trendy colors and more important than any other guest attending the party in the same dress design. For this reason today we want to share with you some tips for when buying a prom dress choose the perfect design for you.

Remember that for every body type there is a design which favors it hiding the flaws and highlighting the affections, not whim the beautiful designs and Sizes XS that only you can use the models.

Make sure the tone you choose is appropriate for the season and for the style of the party, avoid daytime colors and patterns that can make you look like you're passing by the beach.

Chat with the guests of the party on clothing, this way will achieve only wear a dress. Another option is to buy the garment in a shop away from the area so no other girl buys it.